Desiree Hartsock on Andi Dorfman: THIS Might Get in the Way of Juan Pablo Relationship?
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Desiree Hartsock on Andi Dorfman: THIS Might Get in the Way of Juan Pablo Relationship?

Andi Dorfman is used to winning over juries but can she win Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s heart, too? He definitely enjoys giving her besitos, and Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock thinks the two have something special. But what does Des feel is the one thing that might stand in the way of their relationship? And no, the answer doesn’t have to do with Andi’s dancing ability (or lack thereof).

Juan Pablo and Andi got to spend some extra time connecting on Season 18 Episode 7 in Miami, after he gave her the group rose and takes her to see some live música. But despite their sexy two-step, Des writes in her Bachelor blog that she’s worried about Andi’s confidence level.

“Andi is a chill girl, and I like her realness,” Des writes. “The only thing that may be getting in the way in their relationship is her insecurities with how Juan feels about her. It’s easy to have doubt when there are other girls involved, so it’s understandable.” Or, to paraphrase a certain boy band, perhaps Andi doesn’t know she’s beautiful? (What, us listen to One Direction? Pshaw.)

It’s true that Andi doesn’t quite have that “the final rose is mine, all mine [insert evil laugh]” vibe that some of the other ladies have been known to exude this season. Then again, her down-to-earth nature seems to be part of what’s appealing to Juan Pabs, so we don’t necessarily want her to start getting her gloat on. But considering she has it all going on, maybe a bit more confidence couldn’t hurt.

Do you agree that Andi is a little too insecure around Juan Pablo?

Source: Desiree Hartsock’s Blog