Desiree Hartsock Praises Andi and Nick’s Relationship as “Lasting” and “Mature”
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Desiree Hartsock Praises Andi and Nick’s Relationship as “Lasting” and “Mature”

If there's anyone who can speak to the importance of letting your head weigh in on your heart’s decision, it's Desiree Hartsock. The former Bachelorette was initially drawn to Brooks Forester during her season, but it was now-fiancé Chris Siegfried who proved the best match for her. So it’s no surprise that Des is now advising her successor Andi Dorfman to do the same.

Andi’s got a tough choice now, deciding between two wildly different guys: fellow Atlantan stud Josh Murray and Midwestern cutie Nick Viall. Though most people have been backing the Andi-Josh pairing, citing their similar backgrounds (good ol’ Southern kids who like to have a good time), but Desiree thinks the artist formerly known as McSalty is the better match for the lawyer.

In her recap of this week’s Fantasy Suites episode, the future Mrs. Siegfried gave her input on Nick and Andi’s private beach date, where she says she saw that their initial first night connection had progressed even further.

Desiree Hartsock Praises Andi and Nick’s Relationship as “Lasting” and “Mature”
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“I’m not going to lie, I really like these two together as I’m seeing the connection and chemistry transpire,” the Bachelorette writes, continuing, “So often the initial ‘connection’ is typically just an attraction that can fade after the first few weeks.”

It’s true, lust often fades out over time — a problem many a Bachelor and Bachelorette has discovered over the years. But Des doesn’t see that with these two, she even thinks Nick would be a great husband for Andi.

“If you are thinking about a husband and someone that will be with you for life then you definitely want to have a mental connection, someone who understands you completely and someone who is passionate. Those qualities are lasting and the exact things Andi said she feels about Nick,” Desiree points out.

Not only does Des think that Nick and the Atlanta gal have a great connection, she also thinks that they have a more mature relationship — which feels like a subtle dig at Andi’s lighthearted, goofy times with Josh.

“Andi mentioned a couple times that their relationship felt like an ‘adult romance’ and well, to me that is what a lasting marriage looks like,” the Seattle resident adds. “Yes, you can have fun and be goofy (that keeps the passion alive) but as for getting through differences or being able to discuss important milestones there has to be a maturity and an openness in both to understand where each other are coming from.”

Well, there ya go. Des is totally #TeamNick — and she’s not completely alone on that position. Chris Harrison himself spoke out this week and implied that while Josh is in Andi’s “comfort zone,” Nick is the one who would really challenge her and the kind of guy the Bachelorette “aspires to be with.”

Do you agree with Chris and Des, or are you more Team Josh? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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