Desiree Hartsock Hasn’t Seen Her Brother Since The Bachelor
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The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock Hasn’t Seen Her Brother Since The Bachelor

It’s bad enough to get dumped on national television but to have your brother be the main reason why? That burns almost as much as Brooks’ inability to say “I love you” to anyone but his mom. Although Desiree Hartsock’s rejection by Bachelor Sean Lowe meant she got to skip into the muscular arms of 25 new contestants as the Bachelorette, girlfriend hasn’t forgotten the wrong her brother Nate did last season.

During the July 15 Hometown Dates episode, Nate stopped by to give his sister his two cents (and spit a much-needed dose of real talk). Turns out Des hasn’t seen her only sibling since she was booted from The Bachelor. Wow, considering that was way back around November and since Hometowns were filmed in April, we’re talking five months of chilled relations.

So has Des finally forgiven her bro for being a tad overprotective? By the end of their chat, it seemed like the ice may have thawed with Des admitting she knew Nate had her best interests in mind when confronting Sean. As an insider exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment, Des “realized that at the end of the day, he only wants to see her happy with a guy who’s worthy of her...By the end of their time together, Des and Nate were in a good place.”

Although she refused to let him meet her final four, we’re crossing our fingers Des will lift the ban by the time her family comes onboard in two weeks. His no-nonsense attitude was a breath of fresh air in a heavily rose-scented room.