Why Desiree Hartsock Didn’t Tell Chris Siegfried She Eliminated Drew Kenney
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The Bachelorette

Why Desiree Hartsock Didn’t Tell Chris Siegfried She Eliminated Drew Kenney

Desiree Hartsock's final Bachelorette date with Drew Kenney was the most awkward experience of our lives. Mostly because she forced him to mount some traumatized pony, galloped him down to a beach, and then broke his heart while wearing a belly shirt. And the weirdest part? Des then went on a date with Chris Siegfried, and completely failed to mention that she'd ended her relationship with his biggest competition.

"I just didn't want to put that added pressure on to him," Des explained during a recent media interview. "I never had any kind of hopes for Brooks to come back. That ship had sailed. So, I was just focused on my relationship with Chris and I wanted it to be the right moment and the right time to really express everything to him. I think it worked out nicely when he found out."

If Des had told Chris about Drew's departure prior to their engagement, it could have most definitely made him feel pressure to pop the question. However, it's a well established fact that Chris was crazy-obsessed with Des throughout the competition, so we're thinking he'd have felt relieved to find out that he was alone in the running to win her heart.

Do you think Des should have spilled the beans about Drew's elimination, or did she make the right call leaving Chris out of the loop?

Source: RealityWanted

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