Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried Have First Seattle Date! Doing What?
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Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried Have First Seattle Date! Doing What?

Desiree Hartsock found love in a hopeless place on The Bachelorette, and now she's shacked up with her not-sloppy seconds, the poetic minstrel known as Chris Siegfried. In an effort to demonstrate just how much she adores her man, Desiree recently moved to Chris' hometown of Seattle, where the happy couple have rented a brand new apartment to kickstart their life together!

While Chris and Des have a lot on their to-do list (like buying frames to display Chris' countless odes to her), they made sure to carve out time for their very first date in Rain City. So what did this hot couple do during their night out on the town? Why, drink red wine, of course.

"Rain rain go away, but now my girl is here to stay!" Chris tweeted on August 15. "#FirstDinner #RedWine."

We know, guys, we know. Chris is literally incapable of expressing a thought without bursting into spontaneous rhyme. But try to put that aside for a moment so you can swoon over how sweet he and Desiree are. We're thrilled that this dynamic duo are finally living together, drinking Franzia, and pretending to eat food — it's just like the good ol' days on The Bachelorette!

Sigh, before too long Des and Chris will be exchanging vows at their big, off-white wedding, which we assume will be Renaissance Faire themed. You know, because poetry was super popular in medieval times, and it just makes sense for Chris to dress up as a court jester in order to recite his vows in limerick form.

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