Desiree Hartsock: Eric Hill and Andi Dorfman’s Exit Talk “Lost in Translation”
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Desiree Hartsock: Eric Hill and Andi Dorfman’s Exit Talk “Lost in Translation”

ABC scheduled a two-week break before its return with Episode 5 of Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, and after crying our way through Episode 4, we need it. The show that aired on June 2 was particularly emotional, due in large part to the exit of fan favorite Eric Hill. His dismissal from the show was highly controversial, leaving many viewers scratching their heads over how things got so heated between Andi and the adventurer. Trying to make sense of it all, Season 9’s Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock has added her voice to the mix.

The wedding designer took to her blog to say that she could see both sides of the argument. Don’t know what argument she’s talking about? A recap: Eric asked Andi what happened to the girl he met during his 1-on-1 on Episode 2, as it seemed like they had connected then but she’d been wearing a “poker face” ever since. Andi took the comment pretty personally, broke down crying, and showed Eric the door prior to the Rose Ceremony. The fight is getting more than the usual amount of attention because, sadly, the 31-year-old died in a paragliding accident just a few weeks later.

In her blog, Des commends Eric for attempting to get to the bottom of things with Andi. “It took a lot for Eric to approach the conversation with Andi about how he had been feeling. I truly don’t think he had any intention on insulting her and it was disappointing to see how it turned out.”

Unfortunately, how it turned out is how a lot of conversations turn out when emotions are running high. “There was no letting up or redeeming the conversation once Andi was offended so I felt for Eric because he wouldn’t be able to explain what he meant without hurting her more. Sometimes things are just lost in translation but there was no coming back from that conversation.”

D also thinks that Andi was in a pretty impossible situation thanks to her rose-doling duties. “Andi can’t be the fun loving girl she is when she is at a rose ceremony about to send someone home, and can’t be flirty with just one guy while all the guys are around. There is a lot to being the lead that is beyond what you see and every lead will handle it differently.”

Like Desiree, Emily Maynard and Jillian Harris also linked Eric and Andi’s argument to the pressures of being Bachelorette when they both came out in defense of Andi.

While we’ve always dreamed of being the center of 25 guys’ attention, we gotta say, right now we’re not envious of all Andi’s negative attention.

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