Desiree Hartsock’s Ex Moves to Australia — For a Girl He’s Never Met?!
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Desiree Hartsock’s Ex Moves to Australia — For a Girl He’s Never Met?!

Competing for love on a reality show like The Bachelor can seem to some like a strange way to find the person of your dreams — until it works. And another method to find love that could be viewed similarly is flying across the globe to see your online girlfriend in person for the first ever! However, that’s exactly what one former Bachelorette contestant just did. Blimey.

If you were a fan of Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette season last summer, you probably remember the adorkable Brandon Andreen, who spooked Des just a bit by telling her how strong his feelings were after having barely spent any time with her. And then he compared love to a butterfly, which pretty much sealed his fate.

As of about eight months ago, the man was still single and looking for love. However, since then, he received a message from a woman in Perth, Australia, named Kate Smeda. She had recently seen him on the show, as Desiree’s season took a while to make it to airwaves down under. Brandon and Kate started chatting, and apparently they clicked.

Brandon was clearly smitten with Kate — and we can see why, since she’s a beautiful, guitar-playing model — so he made the rather huge decision to fly to Australia to meet his mystery girl in person! He arrived in Australia on February 13, and it sounds like things are going great.

“She is everything I could have imagined and more!!” Brandon writes on Facebook about meeting Kate in person. “About to have the best Valentines ever.” What’s more, it sounds like Brandon is getting settled in nicely, as his return ticket isn't until May 14. “First run in my new neighborhood. Talk about air quality....” he writes.

We’re thrilled for Brandon and Kate that their romance seems to be the real deal! See, not every online relationship ends with someone getting catfished. Just, uh, most of them.

Do you think Brandon and Kate's relationship can last? Wish them the best in the comments below!

Source: Brandon on Facebook