See Desiree Hartsock’s Ex Meet His Online Girlfriend for the First Time (VIDEO)
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See Desiree Hartsock’s Ex Meet His Online Girlfriend for the First Time (VIDEO)

We won’t deny that, when we first heard that Bachelorette Season 9 cast-off Brandon Andreen was flying to Australia to meet his online girlfriend for the first time, we were more than a little worried that things would end very, very badly. Luckily, those fears have been assuaged, as Brandon and Kate Smeda truly appear to be in love — and have created a video documenting their unusual story.

Brandon met photographer and former actress Kate when she reached out to him on January 22, 2014, as Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette aired in Australia. The two got to know one another online and realized they had a connection, and so Brandon flew to Australia a few weeks later, where he plans to stay until May. On February 28, Kate posted video footage of him arriving at the airport in Australia and seeing her for the first time.

“The moment that I saw her at the airport, it was one of the strangest feelings that I’ve ever had in my life because it was almost like my soul or God or something just tapping me on the back going, ‘Here she is — don’t screw it up,’” Brandon says on the video in voiceover. He adds that he is “insanely, absolutely out-of-control in love” with Kate.

So, in case you hadn’t realized during his time with Des, Brandon isn’t one for understatement. But we wish nothing but the best for these two. And may this be a lesson to everyone out there: Let your reality TV crush know immediately how much you like them. You never know...

Do you think this relationship can last?

Source: Kate on YouTube