Desiree Hartsock Nearly Quit Because Of James Case Drama: Report
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The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock Nearly Quit Because Of James Case Drama: Report

In the latest episode of The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock is seen crying non-stop over James Case after it was revealed that the suitor may not have been there for the right reasons. Well, rumor has it that his departure almost took out another person — Des herself.

Being the girl that created a rap song about the "right reasons," Desiree sure has had her fair share of dudes whose intentions don't seem to pure this season on The Bachelorette. Viewers have probably seen more tears this season than ever before. After James allegedly implied that he saw his "journey" as a stepping stone to becoming the next Bachelor and not necessarily the next Mr. Hartsock, Des was heartbroken. In fact, some reports now say that she almost abandoned the show when this happened.

Des, learned on the June 24 episode that James had been making sneaky remarks (according to Drew and Kasey, anyway) about how if he didn’t win the show, he could become the next Bachelor. Keep in mind that this came one week after Bryden Vukasin mysteriously left the show, and Desiree learned that Ben Scott's chief interest was promoting his bar. That's definitely a double whammy.

"There were several moments where she said 'I want to go home,'" a show insider revealed. "She thought 'What else is going to happen?'" According to the source, Desiree had "multiple conversations with producers about going home. There were a lot of tears behind the scenes. It got very emotional and real. This was not an easy process for her."

Desiree was definitely not happy with James, so we totally understand where she was coming from. "What you didn’t seen on camera was how much she really struggled with letting James go. It was hard for her," the source continued. However, "James completely sabotaged himself. Desiree was very discouraged. She wondered if anyone was there for her."

Hopefully there are no more surprises this season and we can start to see some real sparks fly.

Source: Hollywood Life