Desiree Hartsock on Nikki Ferrell Meeting Camila: “It’s All Over”
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Desiree Hartsock on Nikki Ferrell Meeting Camila: “It’s All Over”

Does the fact that Juan Pablo Galavis brought Nikki Ferrell with him to meet daughter Camila and the rest of his family mean the final rose is all but hers? That’s certainly reigning Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s opinion, as she thinks that a lot of the mystery is now gone from this season.

Two of our all-time favorite Bachelor/ette couples chatted about the current season today, as Des and hunny Chris Siegfried were guests on Jason and Molly Mesnick’s podcast. The four of them spent a fair amount of time discussing whether it was appropriate for JPG to introduce Nikki but not the other girls to his daughter on Episode 7.

“It’s almost like it’s all over because, if he chose one person to introduce to his family, [that’s who he’ll pick],” Desiree says, and Jason firmly agrees. “He would not have introduced her unless he liked her a lot,” Des continues, adding, “I think it’s a little unfair [to the remaining women].”

It’s definitely true that Juan Pablo seems to have showed his hand a bit prematurely, as it’s hard to imagine him now cutting Nikki after they shared such a special moment at the dance recital where she met his family. Then again, if Juan Pablo really wanted to advance his relationship with Nikki, we think he should have that right.

Did Juan Pablo introduce Camila to Nikki too soon? And does this mean that Nikki is his favorite of the ladies?

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