Desiree Hartsock: Nikki Ferrell Deserved “More” From Juan Pablo at the ATFR
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Desiree Hartsock: Nikki Ferrell Deserved “More” From Juan Pablo at the ATFR

Is Desiree Hartsock to blame for the national disaster that was Juan Pablo Galavis’s Bachelor season? Now, we’re not usually ones to play the blame game (not us!), but ever since she was smitten with the guy on the night he emerged from the limo, the rest of America seemingly followed her lead — which didn’t really work out for any of us. So is Des still a Juan Pablo supporter? Uh, not exactamente.

Unlike other former Bachelorettes like, say, Jillian Harris or Ali Fedotowsky who are still firmly in Juan Pablo’s corner, Des doesn’t like how he handled himself at this week’s “After the Final Rose.” She writes in her blog that Nikki Ferrell “deserved to hear more [about his feelings] than what he gave her.” And while Des says she wishes the couple “all the best” (way to be diplomatic, Des) she points out that Juan Pablo shouldn’t have been “ungrateful or disrespectful” to Chris Harrison and the show’s producers.

It’s interesting to hear these strong words from Desiree, who actually dated the guy (albeit briefly) and probably knows him rather well. Of course, the fact that he got the boot from her season on Episode 6 is probably a sign that they would never be too close. We also wonder if Des’s harsher take on Juan Pablo’s ATFR behavior stems from actually attending it in person and seeing all the tension firsthand, unlike Jillian, who tuned in from afar.

At any rate, we definitely agree with Des that Nikki deserved to hear something a bit warmer and more sentimental than what Juan Pablo said during their sit-down with Chris H. Here’s hoping that Nikki and Juan Pablo’s relationship can develop as much Des and Chris Siegfried’s has. Because they have a long ways to go if they’re going to get there.

Do you think Des is too critical of Juan Pablo? Or does she make some good points?

Source: Desiree Hartsock’s Blog