Desiree Hartsock Shares Wedding Secrets From Renee Oteri’s Ceremony
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Desiree Hartsock Shares Wedding Secrets From Renee Oteri’s Ceremony

We must admit, we never expected Renée Oteri to tie the knot before Bachelorette cuties Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried. But Juan Pablo Galavis’s castoff surprised us all by getting married to Bracy Maynard on March 20 at the Seattle courthouse. Now, Des — who was one of only a few witnesses for the event — is telling all about the special moment.

Des writes in her blog that she was “more than honored to have been a witness.” Des adds that “Renée was a beautiful bride in her vintage lace dress with her man by her side, whom she has loved since she was 12.” And on Twitter, Des called the “beautiful ceremony” the “most romantic elopement ever.”

Okay, so we’re not sure that we’ve ever heard the words “romantic” and “elopement” used in the same sentence before, but our girl Ray could def pull it off. Still, judging by how elated Renée looks in the photos from the wedding, we can see why this ceremony felt so special, despite its casual setting.

And perhaps our favorite part of it all is that Renée still got to toss a bouquet even though Des was the only person waiting to catch it. “You're next!” Renée jokingly captioned a photo of Des waiting for the bouquet by her lonesome. (Get ready, Siggy!)

So we continue to wish all the best to Renée, Bracy, and her precious son, Ben. And now we’re anxiously awaiting Des and Chris Siegfried’s sure-to-be-amazing nuptials. Girl, you need to get married soon the bouquet never lies...

What do you think of Renée’s wedding? And how soon do you think Des and Chris will make things official?

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