Bachelorette 2013: Where Does Desiree Hartsock Travel for Hometowns?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013: Where Does Desiree Hartsock Travel for Hometowns?

We’ve arrived at that part in the season where the Bachelorette heads to the airport, matching pink luggage set in hand, ready to meet all four pairs of potential in-laws. That’s right: it’s time for the Hometown Dates! And Season 9 looks to be a doozy as Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock continues her never-ending journey for love, self-discovery, and diamonds.

Since all of Des’ remaining soulmates have roots west of the Mississippi, we’re expecting lots of B-roll devoted to rock formations and tumbleweeds. Specifically, the Bachelorette will be visiting the lovely states of Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Utah.

Bachelorette 2013: Where Does Desiree Hartsock Travel for Hometowns?
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Des starts her journey somewhere hot: the toned arms of Zak Waddell in Dallas. If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll bare it all on the deck of his Texas bachelor pad like he did way back in Episode 1.

After things cool down post-Zak, the Bachelorette will continue her True Love Tour with a stop at Drew Kenney’s in Scottsdale. The model of perfection has been candid about his family’s difficult past so we’re expecting even more juicy backstory to come to light under Arizona’s blazing sun.

Hometown #3 finally gets us out of the heat: McMinnville, Oregon, family homestead of The Bachelorette’s resident bard, Chris Siegfried. A small wine-growing community outside of Portland, McMinnville will likely feature vineyards, pine trees, and probably a poem or two about said vineyards and pine trees.

And finally, the last hometown visit is with floppy-haired fence-sitter Brooks Forester and his super large family (10 siblings!). Where does Brooks’ brood call home? Salt Lake City. So wait, is he... we already looked into it.

Last year, when Des was on the receiving side of the hometown visit, things didn’t exactly go smoothly; her brother Nate’s heated conversation with Bachelor Sean Lowe led to a quick boot at the very next Rose Ceremony.

Will the same happen for one of her men-testants? We already know Zak’s sister has some questions for the visitor but after this sun-soaked trip, surely Des can stand a little heat, right? And what about Brooks’ batch of brothers and sisters? If the Kardashians have taught us anything, it’s that a large family typically means equally proportional drama.

Who do you think will shine during the hometown house calls? Sound off below.