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In about a month and a half — on Monday, January 6, 2014Juan Pablo Galavis will launch his journey as the Season 18 Bachelor. We can only hope he finds the kind of happiness now enjoyed by the two most recent couples in the franchise: the soon-to-be-wed Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, and The Bachelorette Season 9’s Seattle sweethearts Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried.

It’s been two months since our last State of the Union check-in with Des and Chris, who’ve been keeping a fairly low profile since The Bachelorette’s August 5 finale. This is not a red carpet couple — most of their social media action is about hanging out with friends, going to sports games, or spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Chris Siegfried, Desiree Hartsock, Molly and Jason Mesnick Hang in November

It may not be that exciting to an outside viewer, but that’s part of what gives us hope that they can actually make it. They seem to genuinely enjoy doing normal-person stuff together, like a real couple... who just happened to meet in a really strange way.

In fact, not only do they seem to still be going strong, they could give you a toothache, they’re so sweet on each other! What's a month with the couple like?

Well, back on November 1, Des shared this cute compilation of four Seattle pics with Chris, writing, "Home is where the heart is. @chrisrsiegfried." They're so Shmoopy! On November 3, The Bachelor’s Molly Mesnick shared a photo of Des and Chris with the Mesnicks, who also live in Seattle. Just two perfect-looking couples doing perfect stuff as a unit. And what’s more perfect than a guy psyched for date night on a Wednesday? As Chris tweeted on November 13, "Dinner and movie night in with Des! @DesHartsock ohhh yea!"

Credit: Instagram Photo: Des and Chris Show Off the Seattle View

Just a couple of days ago, on November 17, Chris shared this great shot with a view of the city, writing, "Love this! #SaturdayPic #NovemberChill #Mo'vember @hartsdesire4" Yeah, Chris seems to be doing the whole facial hair thing for Movember. And we’re surprised, but we gotta say, we likey! Chris was always handsome, but the 'stache and beard make him seem less boyish and more like an outdoorsy manly man. No complaints.

Last week, Chris also posted a throwback photo of himself with Des at a friend's wedding, teasing, "get ready for ours :)" Oh, we're ready, even if they are still figuring out their own plans.

Speaking of weddings, Des has been busy filing posts for her blog, Confessions of a Bridal Stylist, and she just made us swoon a little on November 19 when posting another gorgeous Instagram photo with this note: "This Seattle rain makes me want to go back to Antigua for the sunshine! And it's such a special place to us. #whereChrisProposed Read our story @"

Credit: Instagram Photo: Desiree and Chris Throwback Photo in Antigua

That's a link to their love story so far, in their own words, from meeting on The Bachelorette to his proposal, then their life after the ring. It's beyond adorable and definitely worth a read.

At the end of the post, Des writes, "Seattle is such a wonderful place to live and after being long distance for about 3 months I decided to move here from California to be with Chris," Des wrote. "If we wanted our relationship to work we knew that we would have to begin it together in the same place and start fresh. [...] We look forward to planning our wedding and also sharing that experience with everyone. Being engaged is such a wonderful time as a couple and both of us are enjoying the moments leading up to that big day."

You know, if Des and Chris — and Sean and Cat — keep making Bachelor Nation love look this natural and perfect, we may actually start believing this wonderfully silly franchise can really work!

Do you believe we’ll see Des and Chris walk down the aisle next year? Are you just happy that they’re happy together, and who cares when they get hitched?

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