Desiree Hartsock’s Brother Thinks Which Ex Should’ve Been Bachelor 2014?
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Desiree Hartsock’s Brother Thinks Which Ex Should’ve Been Bachelor 2014?

Try not to stagger back from shock, but Nate Hartsock just shared a strong opinion. Seriously! Desiree Hartsock’s brother made a big first impression when challenging Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe, but seemed OK with Des’s Bachelorette Season 9 choice of Chris Siegfried.

But his real love is clearly for guitar-strumming, penguin-suit-wearing Zak Waddell.

In fact, we’re looking at a serious “Well, I would’ve put a ring on it!” man crush. The Texas boys just had a day date earlier today on August 28. Afterward, still walking on air, they shared tweets and photos with each other.

Zak, who was eliminated after hometowns on Des’s season, gushed, “So great meeting Desiree's brother @nate_hartsock83 What a great person! Help me welcome him to San Antonio.” On his part, Nate declared, “It was fun hanging out w/@RealZakWaddell today.. Great guy with a cool personality, he should have been the bachelor.”

Take that, Juan Pablo Galavis! And take still another blow from the Hartsock family, Chris! First Des made it hard to forget that she was really into Brooks Forester — though all reports point to good vibes these days with Desiris (Chrisiree? We still can’t get one perfect) — and now Nate is making it clear he’s really into Zak. We sense a sad, tortured poem coming out of this.

Actually, this could be a good love triangle for Bachelor Pad Season 4 — cast Zak, Nate and Chris, and see where Nate’s true loyalties lie.

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