Jillian Harris: Brooks May Be Desiree’s Pick, But He’s Not the One
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Jillian Harris: Brooks May Be Desiree’s Pick, But He’s Not the One

We don’t know how Jillian Harris does it: The woman just launched a major vintage-centric website/shop, stars on an HGTV show, and has a gorgeous man in her life. Yet still, the Season 5 Bachelorette manages to dish out advice and commentary on her weekly Bachelorette 2013 Parade blog.

After watching Desiree Hartsock’s Hometown Dates on July 15, Jilly weighed in with some surprising viewpoints. Does she think Des is in love with Brooks Forester? Yeah, mostly. But does she think things will work out between them? The show doesn’t have the best track record, and Jilly herself experienced heartbreak when things with her own pick, Ed Swiderski, didn’t work out.

The most shocking thing Jillian had to say about the episode? Um, she basically thinks this thing is gonna end in a blood bath. Check it:

“She won’t pick Chris [Siegfried] and we likely won’t see him again until the next Bachelor reunion (although he will swear up and down he will never go to one, he will be there. You can’t resist the family once you take your first rose). She will pick Brooks (or no one), but I still feel like there is something else or someone out there for Des… I’m not QUITE convinced it’s one of these three yet.”

Them’s fighting words, eh Canadian girl? We can’t imagine that things will be easy for the Bachelorette of the moment, but Jillian had even more to say about how she thinks things will turn out. Head over to Parade.com for all the scoop.

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