The Bachelorette

Which Reality Star Hottie Hung with Oscar Winner Hilary Swank?

Get ready for a veritable meeting of the minds, everyone. Just weeks after being tragically deflowered by Desiree Hartsock, one of our favorite members of her Man Mafia has met the lady of his dreams — Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank!

No, Hils isn't dating Desiree's castoff, but these two did enjoy a mutual stanning session at San Luis Obispo's local Firestone Grill in sunny California, where they cheesed for the camera! "Even prettier on the inside," Des' dumpee posted to Instagram. "#hillaryswank #sisters #firestone #SLO #watchestheshow."

OMG, Hilary watches The Bachelorette? She's one of us! And wait. What’s with the “sisters” hashtag business? We’d investigate their family tree, but considering he can’t spell her name right, we’ll pass.

By the way, can you guess which of Desiree's cast-offs met this gal? Head over here to find out — and we'll give you one hint: #shrinkage.