Bachelor in Paradise: Exclusive Details on the Season 1 Cast!
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Exclusive Details on the Season 1 Cast!

Blah blah blah The Bachelorette is still on blah blah Bachelor in Paradise is coming soon to a TV near you!

See what we did there? Buzzwords! Also, we love Andi Dorfman like a sister, but we really just want her entire season to have fewer sport jackets and more swim trunks. And no, red thongs don’t count, Nick Sutter. The summer premiere of BiP is coming on August 4, and we are seriously getting sandy in our swimsuits just thinking about it.

All terrible mental images aside (apologies, sort of), we’re dying to know what’s going on with the show that has been kept so hush hush. A Wetpaint source close to the show recently disclosed to us a little about who’s going on the show, and lo and behold, Reality Steve has pretty much the same list on his site as of Tuesday.

Bachelor in Paradise: Exclusive Details on the Season 1 Cast!
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The guys and gals are a super hot bunch, and although there’s still no official word from ABC, this grouping makes lots of sense. Obviously, Chris Bukowski is going to be on the show, because ABC is making a show and he is Chris Bukowski. Brainer count: none. Also from Bow-chicka-kowski’s season, Kalon McMahon is up and at ‘em. The Season 8 Bachelorette and Season 3 Bachelor Pad alum broke up with his girlf recently, and needs a little vacation.

The boys from last season of The Bachelorette include Robert Graham, Zack Kalter, and single dad Ben Scott, who must have gotten a hall pass from his world’s-best-baby-mama, Stevie Short, if he’s allowed to jet away. Word is that filming will last 20 days and take place in Tulum, Mexico. According to Reality Steve, a house has already been rented.

Bachelor in Paradise: Exclusive Details on the Season 1 Cast!
Credit: ABC    

We can also reveal exclusively that Jesse Kovacs, who starred on The Bachelorette Season 5 and Bachelor Pad Season 1 will also be joining the cast. It seems surprising that he’d jet away, since he just helped to open a bar in San Diego a few days ago, of which he’s part owner.

As far as the girls, tons of Juan Pablo Galavis’s former suitors are heading there, including “free spirit” Lucy Aragon, Danielle Ronco, Amy Long, and (OMG) Clare Crawley are going to be in on it. Michelle Money will hopefully reunite Bachelor Pad power team “Money Bunns” since Graham Bunn is also on the list.

Sean Lowe’s girls will have a showing, too, with AshLee Frazier and Sarah Herron signed up and packing. Oh, we cannot wait to watch One L and no I (that’d be Clare) bond. Please, please, please let them be roommates. Steve also says Tierra LiCausi is in talks, which is consistent with what we heard, and we’re dying for it to be true. Elise Mosca (Season 18) is also in talks, though she’s not certain for some reason, according to RS.

Bachelor in Paradise: Exclusive Details on the Season 1 Cast!
Credit: ABC    

We’ve heard that Christy Hansen is almost totally in, but has a wedding she’s supposed to attend halfway through the June filming schedule and is still on the fence because of it. Dental hygienist Shannon Gibbons, who you probably don’t remember from Jason’s Season 13 is also in the possible column.

It’s interesting to note that Courtney Robertson and Jef Holm are now in the “nope” column, after being in such public talks about doing the show. Was it just to get excitement up for the show’s arrival in our living rooms, or were they seriously in the game and then opting out after details didn’t line up? Hmm…

But those aren't the only familiar faces we'll see. Molly Mesnick revealed on her radio show that she and husband Jason will be making an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, though even they don't know the details of their appearance.

As for the guys from Andi’s season, we have to start with a spoiler alert. So, spoiler alert. Stop reading now, if you like.

Bachelor in Paradise: Exclusive Details on the Season 1 Cast!
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2014 Disney    

Lovers of absolute perfection and prints will be clicking their heels that Marquel Martin is said to be going on. Super hot “troubled past” contestant Dylan Petitt is also on the list, as is Cody Sattler and, wait for it, Marcus Grodd. Which brings us to our next issue: how do we get to Tulum and do they have wifi? Because that’s where we’ll be if you need us.

As for some rumors, we had heard that Lindzi Cox was possibly signing on, which would make for an awkward encounter with BP3 ex, Kalon. Well, awkward or awesome... JJ O’Brien, the “pantsapreneur” was also said to be in talks to turn his paisley corduroy in for, uh, paisley boardshorts and hit the high seas of romance. But he seems to have gone the way of some others, and decided not to.

This cast might look a touch uneven, and that’s because things are still up in the air. Steve seems confident there will be 10 guys and 10 girls, but if you’ve been counting on your fingers, this is more than 10 guys and there aren’t yet 10 girls confirmed. So, what does that mean? Check back and we’ll get you the scoop.

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