Devin Velez Says He Didn’t Want to Win American Idol – Interview
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Devin Velez Says He Didn’t Want to Win American Idol – Interview

American Idol 2013 finalist Devin Velez had a rough night on the Top 8 performance show this week. While his solo performance was well-received by the judges, his group number with Lazaro Arbos and Burnell Taylor was so bad, judge Nicki Minaj shouted the three of them off the stage! On the elimination results show Thursday night, Devin was voted off by the viewers and the judges decided to pass on saving him from eliminated.

In a press interview after the American Idol performances Wednesday night, Devin Velez shared his feelings about the group song debacle, and explained why he didn't want to be the next American idol winner anyway.

Q: What happened with the group number?

DV: That wasn't part of the competition, lets talk about my performance! Its a competition but we are still a team and I don't want to point any fingers but I knew my parts! I knew my parts! I tried to save a couple of lines and I think I did a good job! I think we were a good team and Yes it was suckish!

Q: Was that something you knew was going to happen or was it the moment?

DV: No, I got the feeling so I learned the whole song not just my part, and my lines! Sometimes people don't take it as serious when there is back up vocals, but America is always watching and you can never practice too much! I made sure to learn the whole song just incase today happened and walla!

WP: How was it seeing two sides of Nicki in one night?

DV: Well I was skewered and praised, it was complicated, my solo performance I feel really good about, i was glad that Randy said that it was me coming back! I felt that I did really good. But for the group number, Nicki was very direct and said it was awful and told us to get off the stage! We were off key and didn't know all the words, when stuff like that happens in my head, all I can think if is if I did my part, I didn't take it as me, I took it as us as a group! I have to respect that.

WP: What did you talk about after?

DV: I had to calm some of us down, I had to calm one of us down, some of us were crazy and some of us past it on like we have next week. We don't know that! Hopefully it pays off, we made it to the Top Ten, so everything else is what it is!

Q: So that song will not make it to the tour?

DV: Most definitely not! Not by me at least!

Q: Nicki was very angry tonight!

DV: Well she was on time, so she was probably very upset that she was on time! Other then that! She was probably upset that she was rocking the same color as Mariah. I had fun today no matter what happened with the group round!

Q: How was it working with Smokey Robinson?

DV: When I heard he was coming that was crazy and I was freaking out and I had already chose my song and they didn't till us the mentor till after. So my artist was coming and it was all good advice! He was down to earth and nice and his feedback after I performed was such an honor. Knowing that I did the song justice is a really good feeling.

Q: You mentioned you didn't want to win the show, has that changed?

DV: I want to move to the next round but I am not going to say that I want to be number 1. Next weeks theme will be fun so I hope that it pays off!

Q: Why don't you want to win?

DV: I think it’s a lot of responsibility and it gets complicated and you get tied down and I want to fly!

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