‘Devious Maids’ Star Brianna Brown Is Hopeful For Season 4 — Exclusive
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‘Devious Maids’ Star Brianna Brown Is Hopeful For Season 4 — Exclusive


Every Devious Maids fan knows this dramedy has been hanging by a thread ever since it premiered on Lifetime back in 2013. The series is about to end its third season on August 24 and we’re already anticipating a cliffhanger that’ll leave us on the edge of our seat until, hopefully, Season 4.

“It’s up to the network, of course. It’s up to Lifetime. I know the numbers are good and that’s great so hopefully our numbers will continue to climb,” Brianna Brown, who plays Taylor Stappord, told Wetpaint exclusively. “That obviously plays a big part. I think it’ll get picked up another season just because I think it’s really strong right now — but crazier things have happened.”

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Speaking of crazy things, Brianna’s character has been at the epicenter of Season 3. First we find out there’s a killer on the loose, then we’re introduced to Taylor’s chill-inducing adoptive daughter Katy Stappord (Grecia Merino). Next, Katy nearly makes Taylor overdose on mood-stabilizing medication. After that, we’re led to think Taylor is having an affair with Spence Westmore (Grant Show) only to find out he’s her addiction support group sponsor. That’s just scratching the surface of this season’s drama, folks.

Brianna admits her storyline is one of the more dramatic ones on a show that seems to balance the serious with the comedic. While Brianna has tried to insert little bits of humor, she’s been directed to remain on the somber side — and she’s totally fine with that, considering her character has been in the forefront lately.

Credit: Ragan Brooks    

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“I recognize that certain roles and certain storylines you need to have a certain tone. It’s like an orchestra, not everyone gets to have the piccolo solo,” Brianna explains. “Sometimes you need the drummer that’s keeping the beat or the tuba that’s playing the same four notes over and over again. In the bigger picture, it’s a beautiful piece.”


All the moving pieces on this show are pulled off thanks to an amazing cast led by Ana Ortiz (Marisol Suarez), Dania Ramirez (Rosie Falta), Roselyn Sanchez (Carmen Luna), and Judy Reyes (Zoila Diaz). Brianna has her favorites when it comes to on-screen relationships of the platonic and romantic variety.

“I love Judy Reyes and Susan Lucci’s [Genevieve Delatour] relationship. I think they have such a fun, cute dynamic between the two of them. So non-sexual I’d say that one,” Brianna dishes.

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“I love the Rosie love triangle between Spence and Ernesto (Cristián de la Fuente),” she adds. “It’s so hot and sexy! She’s got these two hot guys both in love with her and they’re both eye candy.”


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The final reason we need more Devious Maids in our life? It’s putting Latina women on TV and giving strong female characters a voice on cable television — something Marc Cherry, the show’s creator, has done time and time again with shows like Desperate Housewives and The Golden Girls.


“I just love the tone of his shows and that’s why the offer to be on Devious Maids was so amazing,” Brianna says. “He knows how to write strong female characters that are strong and flawed. We have enough crying wives whose husbands cheat on them that are victims. We need strong female characters.”

Devious Maids airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.