Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
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Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”

We pick up immediately after Vogel's death. Dexter, knowing he has to call in the murder else risk being seen leaving the scene of the crime, washes his hands of the blood and removes all evidence of his relationship with Vogel from her house.

Miami Metro arrives, and Batista and Quinn take Dexter's statement before the former sends him home. Instead, Dex goes to Deb's house and tells her of Vogel's death. Deb says, "If it weren't for her…"

"…We might not have found a way back to each other," Dex replies.

Deb tells Dex that she'll return to the department that very day to work the case.

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Sylvia Prado, wife of Season 3 baddie Miguel Prado, meets Dex at his apartment. She's helping Dexter sell his place. Jamie drops by, and Dex lets her take Harrison for one more night. (As if that isn't his preference!)

In a funny moment, Dexter shows Slice of Life to a potential buyer, who objects to the smallness of the beer cooler. Dexter all but rescinds the offer, seeming possessive of his trusty boat. The guy is the first to tell Dexter about the impending Tropical Storm Laura.

At the office, Masuka tells Dex that he hasn't found any traces of the killer at Vogel's house. "I could go for some hookers and blow right now,: he says, "but since it's not the '90s, caffeine it is."

Nikki comes in to say that Quinn wants Dex to meet him in the the interrogation room for a "swab thing." When Dex gets there, Quinn is talking to Saxon, who's now a suspect. Dex takes a swab from the inside of Saxon's cheek, and they let him go.

Back in the bullpen, Deb is unpacking her stuff at her new desk. Dex tells her that the department is looking into Saxon, and they realize that the DNA will expose him as Daniel Vogel. Meanwhile, Deb is surprised that Dex is letting the police take care of Saxon.

Afterward, Deb rummages around in Quinn's drawers — which we swear is not sexual innuendo — to pilfer office supplies. Quinn catchers her in the act right as she finds an engagement ring. He says that he had it around for when the moment is right with some woman. It's a cute moment!

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Dex goes to the abandoned hospital he believes to be Saxon's hideout and finds Saxon's kill room. He tells Dead Father Harry that he wants Oliver dead, by his hand or by anyone else's. "That doesn't sound like the old Dexter," Harry observes.

"Maybe I'm not the old Dexter," Dex responds. He then finds footage of all of Saxon's kills on the room's computer.

Back at the office, Quinn offers Deb a ride to Vogel's memorial. (Another cute moment.) Clayton drops by to ask Deb about the reception who told him that a woman matching Hannah's description signed Harrison into the clinic under Deb's name. Deb lies and says that she's the one who was with Harrison at the time.

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Deb and Dex go to the memorial and then goes with the gang to Papa's Cafe for a few drinks, where Matthews spots Deb and Dex seated together and cracks wise: "Well, gain a Morgan, lose a Morgan."

At the bar, Masuka apologizes to Nikki for busting her that one time last episode for showing up at a crime scene high. He says that the whole father thing is still new for him.

Also, Dex gives Quinn his blessing to be Deb's boyfriend right before Sylvia calls to say that a potential buyer wants to meet Dex. They arrange to meet in a half hour.

Batista bids his farewell to Dex, and Dex responds in his characteristically stoic way: "You're a good friend, Angel."

Batista then toasts to Dexter in front of the whole team. "Dexter Morgan may be leaving the Miami Metro familia," he says, "but he will always be right here in our hearts.

"Thank you, thank you. Um, I'll miss you guys, too," Dex blurts, awkwardly.

Dex returns home to find Sylvia waiting with the buyer: Oliver Saxon.

Saxon wants Dex himself to give him the grand tour, which is really just a ruse for a private chat as Sylvia waits outside. Saxon proposes a ceasefire, suggesting that he and Dex just goes their separate ways.

Dex reminds Saxon that, um, he killed his own mother. "It was a test," Saxon reveals, "to see if, given the chance, she would finally choose me."

Saxon explains to Dex that he has a lot less to lose than Dex does, since Dex has his whole "cover life" — Hannah, Harrison, Astor, Cody, etc.

"They're not a cover; they're real to me," Dexter says via voiceover. "He wants me to walk away without realizing that he reminded me why I can't."

At Elway's office, Deputy Marshal Clayton tells him of his suspicion that Deb has Hannah holed up in her house. Clayton offers Elway the prospect of the reward money in exchange for scoop.

Deb finds Hannah hard at work in the kitchen. "You should go on one of those cooking shows," she says. " You know, the competition ones? You'd win."

"Oh, I'd make sure that I did," Hannah quips. Hah!

Just then, Elway knocks on the door, and Hannah flees. Elway invites himself in the house under the guise of dropping off the last of Deb's stuff and apologizing. Deb rushes him out: "I got a lot of s—t to do, so could you kindly get the f—k out of my house?"

Elway finally leaves, and Deb tells Hannah that she thinks her former boss is on to her. Hannah relays the information to Dexter over the phone, and he comes right home. They discuss the predicament and realize that all the flights are booked because of the impending storm. They decide to put Hannah at an airport hotel. Deb drives her there, and they have a semi-sweet goodbye. (You know, what's a little poison between sorta-in-laws?)

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Meanwhile, Dexter sends one of Saxon's kill videos to a local news station. "Saxon wants to make Miami his home," he narrates. "Little does he know how hot the summers get."

Harry appears, and he and Dex talk about how Dex needs Saxon dead. "Didn't use to matter who was on my table, as long as it was a kill," Dex muses. "But now, it's personal."

He tells his dead daddy that his need to kill is weaker now: "What I need is her."

Back at Miami Metro, Quinn learns that Saxon is Vogel's son.

With nothing left to do for now, Deb visits Dex to have dinner with him. "Nothing, and I mean nothing is going to stand in the way of having one last night with my brother."

What she doesn't know is that Clayton and Elway are turning house upside down, looking for clues. Elway finds records of the flight.

Back at Dex's place, his departure is finally setting in for Deb: "God, this is such a mindf—k."

Dex tells her that she'll get by without him because she intrinsically knows what's right, saying, hers is "the compass I always wished I had."

Continuing the lovefest, she says, "Don't ever think that it was the Code that made you a good brother."

Meanwhile, Saxon sees the news report about him and speeds towards Dexter's place. He breaks in and creeps toward him as he sleeps, knife in hand. Only Dex is only pretending to sleep. He springs into action and grabs Saxon as Deb puts a gun to his head. Dex tells her that he has it from there.

When Saxon wakes up, Dexter has him strapped to the chair of his own kill room. But it's not the same for Dexter. "This is usually my favorite moment — the kill," he explains. "The moment before the kill. The kill itself. The moment right after. Now I don't even want to be here. I'm feeling a much stronger pull. I don't need to kill you."

He tells Saxon that he's leaving him for the electric chair. Deb arrives shortly thereafter, and Dex tells her to arrest Saxon and be the hero of Miami Metro. "Guess I f—king will," she says.

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

He leaves, but not before they share one last hug. "This is just for right now, it's not for forever," he assures.

"I know that, f—kface," she retorts.

Harry appears to Dex in the parking lot. "I never thought this day would come. You don't need me anymore," he says before vanishing.

Clayton arrives at the scene and frees Saxon, believing he's innocent, only to get a knife in the chest for his kindness.

Deb bursts in, and Saxon shoots her in the abdomen with the marshal's gun.

Let's just say that one more time so that it really hits home: Saxon shoots Deb.

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Recap: “Monkey in a Box”
Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

She fires off a few shots as she falls, one of which knicks Saxon's arm as he runs away. She weakly phones for help.

As we see some final shots of Hannah and Elway feet from each other at the airport and Dexter and Harrison leaving their apartment for the last time, Dex talks via voiceover about how he used to live in the shadows.

"But over time people in my life flipped on a light. At first I was blinded, it was so bright. But over the years, my eyes adjusted, and I could see. And now what's in focus is my future. Bright. Brighter than it's ever been."

Oh, Dex. You're in for a rude awakening.

Next week is the series finale. It all ends in 7 days, folks! See you then.

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