Diana Nyad “Mortified” by Unflattering Dancing With the Stars Week 1 Dress
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Dancing With The Stars

Diana Nyad “Mortified” by Unflattering Dancing With the Stars Week 1 Dress

It’s nerve-wracking to even think about performing live on Dancing With the Stars, especially on the premiere when you’re not used to it, and the least you can hope for is to be comfortable in how you look. Unfortunately, Diana Nyad’s Season 18, Week 1 Foxtrot dress led the normally confident woman to feel self-conscious and even “mortified.”

TV Guide asked Diana how she felt about her performance and she mentioned how “that dress didn't do me any favors.” As she explained, “I don't want to be vain. Look at me, I come out of the ocean after 53 hours of swimming. Do you think I care what I look like? ... But on this show, it's different. There is glamour to it. ... When we were fitting it, I said, ‘My God, I look so fat and matronly in this thing. This is not me at all.’ As I said, I don't have those dancers' bodies, for sure, but I've got a pretty damn good body and I was mortified in that dress. I've never felt like the girl over on the side who doesn't belong, and I actually did feel like that a little bit that night.”

She doesn’t want that to happen again, so she got together with the wardrobe department and said, “If I get a chance to go another couple of dances or more, don't ever let that happen to me again."

TV Guide asked if she thought the dress had an impact on her performance, and it sounds like it really did upset her. “I woke up in tears Monday night after the performance. I went home and I felt like I did Henry proud, I did myself proud. And I went to bed and woke up at 3:00 in the morning crying, because I'm proud of this body. I created it. I'm strong, and I represent those 64-year-olds out there who are young for their age, and I am young for my age. I don't compare myself to the young, crazy sexy ones, but I've got a great body and that dress didn't do me any favors. And I'm honestly upset about it and angry about it, because it's part of the show. It's part of the presentation.”

Poor Diana. She’s such a huge fan of the show, and it had to be frustrating to be given such an unflattering garment for someone with her athletic build. The wardrobe department is filled with magicians to be able to create so many outfits every week — it’s like Project Runway! — but we can’t blame Diana for wishing she had a better debut look. When you want to show people that being over 60 doesn’t mean you have to look “matronly” … this is not the right dress to make the point.

On tonight’s Week 2 live show, Diana and Henry have the Cha-Cha and wardrobe is trying to give her a sexy dress to help her feel more confident. Hopefully she’ll be more comfortable out there.

Can you empathize with how Diana felt in her dress or do you think she’s being a little oversensitive?

Source: TV Guide