Dianna Agron Gets Pulled Over By Cops!
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Dianna Agron Gets Pulled Over By Cops!

Perhaps blondes really do have more fun. Maybe they don’t. But if Dianna Agron’s (Quinn) life is any indication, they do appear to get more speeding tickets!

The Glee star just changed her hair color back to blonde after over two months as a redhead, and she had a little run-in with the law that very same day.

Perez Hilton has photos of Lady Di getting pulled over by a policeman on June 12. Photographers snapped away as the cop handed Dianna a ticket, but the Glee star didn’t seem to let the unfortunate event get her down too much.

Though Perez reports that Dianna seemed like she might be crying at first, the starlet quickly bounced back and was soon smiling and engaging the cop in a lighthearted conversation.

Now, none of this seems to have gotten Dianna out of her ticket, but we applaud her upbeat attitude nonetheless. Plus, the Glee star does have a lot to smile about right now. Her new movie, The Family — starring Robert DiNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer — will hit theaters September 20.

Hahaha my sweet Dianna is whoopin a**” her co-star Amber Riley (Mercedes) tweeted when she first saw Dianna’s gun-toting character fend off the unwanted advances of a classmate... with a tennis racket.

Blushing and laughing at the same time” Dianna quickly replied. While we can’t wait to see Dianna take on such a strong (and terrifying) character, we’re glad to see that the actress does not employ any of the same techniques to get her way in real life.

We’re assuming that wouldn’t have gone over very well with the cops.

Source: Perez Hilton

06.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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