First Photo: Dianna Agron’s Glee Return — With Love Interest Chace Crawford!
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First Photo: Dianna Agron’s Glee Return — With Love Interest Chace Crawford!

Spotted! If you've been yearning for a glimpse at Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford on the set of Glee, you're in luck! We're now getting to see him in character, alongside Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling). Could there be a love triangle brewing? By the way, "love triangle" is the only kind of geometry we like.

Chace will be appearing in Glee's upcoming 100th’s episode as Biff, a love interest for Quinn who's been described as a “kind of a Yalie degenerate.” Now, the episode's director, Paris Barclay, has posted a photo of Chace posing with Dianna, Paris, and Mark on the set.

"Making Glee 100 w/ @MarkSalling @DiannaAgron & #chacecrawford," Paris captions the photo.

Okay, so what do you think of Biff's look? Frankly, Biff appears to be the best-dressed degenerate we've ever seen. No wonder Quinn would fall for him, as he can wear a vest like nobody's business! (No offense, Mr. Schue.)

All in all, we can't get enough of the idea that Chace Crawford is about to be on Glee and on Quinn's arm, no less! And even if we're not wild about his current hairdo seriously, where'd the bangs go? we're still excited enough about him to let that slide.

We're also curious about the fact that Puck is in this pic. We're impressed by the clean-cut look of this Air Force man, and we wonder if there might be some flirting between Puck and his baby mama Quinn. Could there be some Quinn-Biff-Puck drama looming? We wouldn't mind. XOXO.

What do you think of Biff's look?

Source: Paris Barclay on Twitter