Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Dianna Agron

A few weeks ago we told you that Dianna Agron (Quinn) was filming a music video in Los Angeles for one of musician Sam Smith’s songs. Even though we didn’t know much at the time, the video for “I’m Not the Only One” came out today, August 1, and we see Dianna in all of her glory.

In the video, directed by Luke Monaghan, Dianna plays a Stepford wife of sorts who finds out her husband — played by The Mindy Project’s Chris Messina — is cheating on her with another woman. After a good ugly cry, Dianna’s character heads to the store for supplies. Once she returns home, she lights a fire in the front yard and burns her hubby’s clothes. Don’t get mad, get even. Right?

All the while, Di’s unfaithful spouse is getting busy with his mistress after meeting up with her in a swanky bar, but once he returns home we realize that Dianna’s designer bonfire never really happened and was instead just what shewanted to do to her unfaithful man.

Chris’s character walks home and Dianna is waiting for him with open arms, perfectly coifed hair, and a stunning all-white outfit. She smiles slyly as Chris kisses her neck, and even though the video fades to black before we can see what comes next, Dianna’s sly smile tells us that her hubby is about to get busted. Big time.  

Check out the complete video below and tell us what you think of Dianna’s role!