Dick Van Dyke Pulled from Flaming Vehicle — Is He Okay?
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Dick Van Dyke Pulled from Flaming Vehicle — Is He Okay?

At 87 years old, you’d figure you had seen it all, but it seems life’s still got a few tricks left for Dick Van Dyke. Earlier today the Hollywood icon — best known for his role as the beloved chimney sweep in Mary Poppins, as well as his eponymous show from the 1960s — was driving his Jaguar along a Los Angeles freeway when it burst into flames, reports TMZ. Thankfully, though, he was pulled to safety by a kindly stranger/new national hero!

Thank a good Samaritan named Jason Pennington (or, as Dick calls him, Jeb) for saving one of the world’s most famous entertainers. Jason told TMZ he was just driving along Highway 101 when he spied a car along the side of the road. Inside hunched over the steering wheel and surrounded by smoke was an elderly man. Only after pulling him to safety would Jason realize that the fellow was the one and only Dick Van Dyke!

Dick was “slightly disoriented by the experience but did NOT need medical attention.” TMZ adds. It’s hard to believe everyone is okay after seeing photos of the car on fire — or the charred remains left once the flames were extinguished!

“They thought that I had passed out so they yanked me out of the car but I was just trying to call the DMV,” the perpetual jokester said with a laugh while still at the scene. He added, “There was a fireman and a nurse and a cop just happened to be passing by. Somebody’s looking after me.”

Soon after the incident, Dick's wife arrived to take him home where we hope he gets some much needed rest and relaxation before hitting the road again. As for the Porsche, it’s a goner.

Source: TMZ

08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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