Did Amber Portwood Break Up With Her Boyfriend?!
Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter    

Teen Mom

Did Amber Portwood Break Up With Her Boyfriend?!

Bad news, bears. After meeting what we hoped was the love of her life, it looks like Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is once again single. At least we think so — it's pretty much impossible to analyze her vague and cryptic Twitter musings.

Amber had fans clutching their pearls in excitement when she took it to social media and implied that she'd fallen in love. "Isn't it weird how you fall for someone but get so scared you push that person away," Amber tweeted.

We were thrilled to hear that Amber had potentially moved on from her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, but unfortunately a new tweet has us worried. "It's hard realizing someone was never what you thought they were..." the reality star shared on June 4. "Disappointed and a waste of time..love rainy days though sending love."

First of all, Amber is so emo. We too love rainy days — or at least we did back in high school when our best friend was Conor Oberst. Second of all, we feel so bad for Amber!

It's terrible that this gal seems to have ended her new relationship on a sour note, but the good news is that Ambs is a major catch. We have a feeling it won't be long before Gary 2.0 comes waltzing into her life and sweeps her off her feet!

Though, with any luck her next boyfriend won't think saran wrap can be used as a prophylactic. Judging you, Gary.