Grey’s Anatomy: Who Did April Choose — Jackson or Matthew?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Who Did April Choose — Jackson or Matthew?

It's the cliffhanger that plagued Grey's Anatomy fans since Season 10 went on hiatus in December — did April (Sarah Drew) choose to stay with her groom, Matthew, or did she flee the altar and jump in the loving arms of the man who so rudely/awesomely interrupted her wedding, Jackson (Jesse Williams)?

The episode that aired tonight, February 27 — Season 10, Episode 13: "Take It Back" — revealed her decision... by showing her running out of the church with Jackson and driving into the sunset. Then she panicked and made him pull over. Fast forward three weeks, and no one knows what happened. We viewers finally found out what transpired that night: Jackson and April realized they couldn't just date at that point and decided to get married. And they seem to in wedded bliss now, though they're keeping their relationship under wraps.

Regardless of who the rejected suitor turned out to be, Sarah Drew told The Hollywood Reporter that another heart would be broken in the crossfire: "There's no recovery for Stephanie [Jerrika Hinton] from this. No matter what April chooses to do, she will always be the one that Jackson chose over Stephanie. It's an impossible situation but it's something that they have to figure out because April and Jackson are there to teach Stephanie. They're going to have to figure out how to engage with one another."

And we wouldn't be surprised if April herself shows some damage. We have a feeling she and Jackson aren't going to be honeymooning forever!

Did April make the right choice? If not, what would you have preferred she do? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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