Did Beyoncé Photoshop Her Thighs in an Instagram Photo? (VIDEO)

There’s a rumor buzzing about Instagram, and it looks like our Queen Bey is the subject matter. After Beyoncé posted a recent image of herself playing some putt-putt in the Dominican Republic — where she is celebrating her sixth anniversary with her husband, Jay Z, and their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy — fans are calling the singer out on her apparent use of — wait for it — Photoshop. Gasp. Say it ain’t so, Bey!

Turns out there is an apparent “thigh gap” seen in the photo, and fans have been quick to assume that Beyoncé took to the photo-editing software to slim down her famous thighs. But did she really? The singer has been known to share natural, and sometimes even make-up free selfies of herself on her various social media outlets. So it seems to be a bit odd that she would choose to crop herself.

After all, it’s obvious that girlfriend is in the best shape of her life — she just performed 132 shows for her Mrs. Carter World Tour, by the way — so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a more slimmed- down Beyoncé.

But if she did edit her thighs, all we have to say is, Bey, we love you the way you are. Why? Because you’re flawless, and you don’t need Photoshop for that. #Amen

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