Did Brandi Get a Nose Job? We Answer Your Burning Questions From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 12!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Did Brandi Get a Nose Job? We Answer Your Burning Questions From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 12!

1. Did Brandi get a nose job?
Kyle Richards accused Brandi Glanville of having had a nose job and lying about so did Brandi really have one? Well, there have been rumors that she got one after her split with Eddie Cibrian, but those rumors are unconfirmed. For her part, Brandi says, “I think when it comes to plastic surgery, if you don't want to talk about you don't have to.” So we may never know for sure.

2. How much of the Palms does Adrienne own and who owns SUR besides Lisa?
There were lots of accusations about the ladies not owning their businesses so who owns what? Well, it’s true that Adrienne Maloof’s family used to be the majority owners of the Palms, but they sold all but two percent of the casino in 2011. However, Adrienne’s brother is still the company’s chairman.

As for who owns SUR, Lisa Vanderpump explains in the episode that she owns 51 percent of the hotspot. She co-owns the business with her husband, Ken Todd, along with Argentinean restaurant mogul Guillermo Zapata and his wife Nathalie.

3. Does Marisa dislike Yolanda?
It’s sounding as though the two aren’t particularly close. Marisa Zanuck writes on her Bravo blog that Yolanda Foster gave her a “disapproving stare” when she spilled wine on her dress in Vegas. Marisa also addresses Yolanda’s concern about Kim Richards’s nose job, saying Yolanda “hardly knows Kim and what may or may not be best for her.” However, Marisa explains on Twitter that she was not intending to be mean to Yolanda. Hmmm.

4. How much is Brandi’s “Night School 4 Girls” class?
Brandi has been helping to promote Night School 4 Girls, which is a 70-minute course of stripping and sensuality, taught by real Vegas showgirls at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. So how much is it? Tickets start at $39 although you shouldn’t expect Brandi to be your teacher, as it sounds like that was just a special promotion.

5. What does Brandi think of what Adrienne said about her stripping class?
It appears that Brandi’s resents Adrienne’s comments from this week’s episode about how Brandi’s business is on the stripper pole. Brandi says, “I hope she makes money from [her line of] purses, but the only initials I want on my purses are LV,” referring to Louis Vuitton. We think that says it all.

Source: Celebitchy, Business Week