Did Callie Survive? Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode, March 31, 2011
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Grey's Anatomy

Did Callie Survive? Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode, March 31, 2011

Hit the tuning fork and warm up your voices because we're singing the praises of "Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event" (Season 7, Episode 18, "Song Beneath the Song"). Writer Shonda Rhimes, director Tony Phelan, and the cast and crew gave 100% to this episode, and it shows. But let's get down to recappin'.

As Voiceover Callie opines about the mysterious nature of the brain, Arizona wakes up to find that Real Callie is no longer next to her but through the windshield and draped over the hood of their car, conscious, bloodied, unable to speak. Suddenly, Out of Body Callie appears and checks her injured alter-ego out before singing a few eerie bars of Psapp's "Cosy in the Rocket" — you know, that theme song the show used to have?

Everyone is waiting when the ambulance pulls up. Arizona jumps out and starts listing symptoms. Real Callie is conscious but absolutely terrified. Out of Body Callie watches the doctors swarm around Real Callie and starts to singing Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars," and holy cow — Sara Ramirez is so good. Owen takes point and picks up the refrain, and Kevin McKidd is so good. Bailey joins in at the end, and she is so good. We're in for a treat, folks.

Everyone's pretty much spazzing out, so Owen tells everyone to just chill. Lexie's concerned about Mark, so she goes to find him while singing Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 AM)," and guess what? Chyler Leigh is so good. She finds him sitting on a staircase in tears and comforts him. Meanwhile, Alex goes up to the gallery and sits with Arizona. The docs have fixed up Callie a bit, but she needs time to recuperate before they continue working. Lucy tells Richard that she might be out of her depth in dealing with the baby.

So what does Richard do? He brings in fabulous, leggy, redheaded reinforcements in the form of Addison Forbes Montgomery. She steps out of the helicopter and gives Lucy a pretty mean dressing-down about her failures. (Maybe Seattle does not suit Addie.) She and the attendings meet to discuss the next step, and everyone has a different opinion. Owen shuts them all up by yelling "Calm down!" — and hey, that happens to be the first lyric of Gomez's "How We Operate." He totally rocks it, but the super-serious delivery is a little cheesy for our tastes.

As Arizona and Mark argue about whether to deliver the baby or prioritize Callie's life, Bailey starts singing Get Set Go's "Wait." Meanwhile, Meredith tells Cristina that she can be godmother to Callie's baby after all, Jackson allows Lexie to stay with Mark, and Derek voices his concern for Callie's neurological condition. And Cristina, reviewing Callie's case, suddenly has a revelation and says, "Wait."

After the ad break, things go into rewind and we see Arizona and Callie in the car again, but this time, they're floating through fluffly, pink clouds. Callie realizes she's been there before and that Arizona's about to propose and admits she didn't answer because she didn't know. But she expresses her love through Jesus Jackson's "Running on Sunshine," as does Eli toward Bailey, Owen to Cristina (as they hook up in their kitchen), Henry to Teddy, Alex to Lucy, Meredith to Derek, and... Lexie toward Mark?! Scandal!

Derek and Meredith try to test Callie's brain functions, but Callie isn't responding. Meanwhile, Cristina tells Teddy and Owen her idea: she proposes a technique pioneered by Burke. Teddy thinks it's too risky, though, and shuts her down, and Owen doesn't disagree. Elsewhere, as Arizona sits by Callie's beside and Addison tells Mark to go make peace with the Other Mother, Callie crashes and they rush her into surgery. Out of Body Callie sits on the gurney that the docs wheel down the corridor and sings Kate Havnevik's "Grace." Real Callie's in distress, and the baby's in distress, and Teddy isn't doing much good, so Owen tells Cristina to try Burke's technique before starting a rousing rendition of The Fray's "How to Save a Life." Addison delivers the baby right before Mark and Arizona bust into the OR. Richard finds Callie's heartbeat as Arizona finds the baby's.

Once Callie is out of the woods, Mark makes nice with Arizona. In the elevator, Mer has a breakdown in front of Der, saying that she was jealous of Callie's fertility but that this turn of events makes the universe seem screwed up and random and mean. Arizona tells Real Callie about the baby as Out of Body Callie begins crooning Brandi Carlile's "The Story." And wowza — she rocks the chorus so hard. I mean, the girl nails it. As she sings, Jackson expresses his jealousy over Mark but Lexie commits herself to him, and Teddy tells Cristina to find a new teacher. Out of Body Callie sings first to the baby and then to Real Callie, shaking Real Callie's hospital bed and grabbing Real Callie's ankles. That does the trick, apparently and Real Callie wakes up as Out of Body Callie smiles and disparates. The first words Real Callie says are "I'll marry you. Yes." You can practically hear the Calzona shippers "squee" in unison and the rest of us breathe a sigh of relief. Callie's back among the living, y'all!

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