Did Chelsea Houska Have the Right to Know About Adam Lind’s Arrest?
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Teen Mom 2

Did Chelsea Houska Have the Right to Know About Adam Lind’s Arrest?

Last night’s all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 was chock-full of baby daddy drama for Chelsea Houska, y’all. In case you forgot about that time Adam Lind found himself in jail (again) after driving with a revoked license, viewers were reminded once again.

The show kicked off with news of Adam’s latest arrest, and guess what? Adam’s incarceration happened during his weekend of visitation with Aubree (gasp!), and his parents didn’t even tell Chelsea about it. She had to find out through someone else!

“It was his weekend for visitation so Aubree was over there, and his parents didn’t even tell me,” Chelsea explained to her father, Randy Houska. “Which, I’m sorry, I feel like that’s something I should know when she’s supposed to be with him for visitation. How would I know if she wasn’t in the car? Where does she go if he’s arrested?”

So what did Adam’s mother have to say about everything? “She flipped out on me. She doesn’t feel that I need to know that,” Chelsea said.

“It’s his visitation and I need to know if he’s not going to be there, if he’s in jail. [Adam’s mom then] said, ‘Why, you don’t trust her with us?’ It was literally like I was having a conversation with Adam, and that’s saying a lot.”

Chelsea went on to tell her Dad, “If you’re going to be 100 percent here, I don’t really trust you with her because look at how your son turned out. So no, I don’t. I don’t want my daughter to end up in jail.”

Looks like things between Adam and Chelsea are definitely getting heated on Teen Mom 2, but do you think Chelsea had the right to know that Adam landed in jail? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: MTV