Did Ashley Benson Chop Off Her Hair? (PHOTO)
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Ashley Benson

Did Ashley Benson Chop Off Her Hair? (PHOTO)

Pretty Little LiarsAshley Benson (Hanna) has beautiful blond locks but has she chopped them all off?! Ash just posted a pic of her hair on the floor Friday, along with the tweet, “Cutting it all off.” Did Ashley get a drastic haircut?!

Nope! But she did chop off her extensions, which donned her head for a mere weekend. On Friday, shortly after the devious “cutting it all off” tweet, Ash confessed that she was, “Just kidding long hair for the weekend.” Trickster! By the end of the weekend, the extensions were gone again. Ash posted one last photo of herself with the long locks, along with the caption, “Bye bye extensions.”

Ash probably had some sort of photo shoot or event that prompted the long hair either that or she has the worst case of hair boredom ever. Back in February, Ash dyed her hair brown for the Spring Breakers promotional tour. The look lasted for a total of two weeks. At the time, Ash’s phase as a brunette seemed fleeting, but compared to the extensions, Ash’s brown locks were around forever. We’re still waiting for her to follow through with her joke about shaving her head. With Ash, nothing surprises us!

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