Did Christina Milian Accidentally Confirm Her Engagement to TMZ?
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Did Christina Milian Accidentally Confirm Her Engagement to TMZ?

Smooth move! Despite wearing a diamond roughly the size of Plymouth Rock on her left hand, Christina Milian appears to want to let the rumors of her engagement remain unconfirmed. The problem is, she’s not so good at playing her cards close to her vest when she’s under pressure.

When TMZ’s paps approach Christina outside Supperclub in Hollywood (most likely grabbing a bite after a hard day of rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars), they congratulate her on her engagement in an attempt to get her to slip up. And Christina almost takes the bait! Before she can issue a “Thank you,” she scolds, “I see you! I know what you doin’!”

We might be inclined to give her a "well done” and golf clap for that dodge, except she concludes her convo with the friendly paps by telling them her “fiancé” is waiting for her. Uh... oops?

In Christina’s defense, it could have been a sarcastic comment in light of all the engagement buzz, but it sounds more like a slip to us. We can imagine it’s a little hard to keep your guard up when people are snapping your photo and asking you questions you’d prefer not to answer — especially after a hard day of non-stop dancing!

Whether or not Christina and Jas Prince are officially engaged, it sounds like they’re definitely going strong. As Christina told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively last week, “Love is in the air.”

Source: TMZ

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