Did Clare Crawley Hit a Cyclist With Her Car? Rumor Patrol
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The Bachelor

Did Clare Crawley Hit a Cyclist With Her Car? Rumor Patrol

We sometimes imagine that the lives of our favorite reality stars are like really well-scripted, well-choreographed dances through life. Sound romantic or full of B.S.? Sorry, but we’re not sorry that in our dream world, people as beautiful and classy and tell off-y as Clare Crawley are able to sail through their days with no problems, other than paparazzi and Internet trolls.

But our darling Season 18 Bachelor winner runner-up seems to have had a little run-in of sorts on April 9, and we have no idea what happened. “‘...Not all bike rides are safe. Bike anyway.’ #shoutouttoguywholandedonmyhood… Andrés, hope you get well soon!” the gorgeous Sacramento girl tweeted, along with emojis for a bike and a worried face.

Sorry, what happened, Clare? It sounds a lot like the 33-year-old hit someone on a bike with her car, but from that hashtag, it really sounds like maybe he hit her with his body? Maybe Andi’s lawyering ways rubbed off on her showmate, and she’s keeping her distance from responsibility, but that’s nuts! What a crazy thing to have happen to you!

We’re sure that after all the crap Clare put up with from Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, there’s nothing that could be thrown at her — a human body included — that would shake her confidence. Still, be careful on the roads out there, everyone! Exercise is great and all (we hear), but launching yourself from a bicycle isn’t the easiest way to get close to a reality star.

Source: Clare Crawley on Twitter

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