Desiree Hartsock Responds to Claims She Settled For Chris Siegfried
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Desiree Hartsock Responds to Claims She Settled For Chris Siegfried

Real talk o’clock, guys: How did Desiree Hartsock bounce back from being all swoony mcswoonsters over Brooks Forester only to have him dump her? And how did she get engaged to Chris Siegfried on The Bachelorette Season 9 Finale? She must’ve just settled for the Seattle-based mortgage broker, right? Wrong, according to Des.

In  fact, girlfriend wants you to be so aware that she didn’t settle that in the newest edition of People’s print mag, the title of her article is “I Didn’t Settle.” Alright, lady, 10-4 on that. And no joke, guys, Chris is drop dead gorgeous (we say this from having met him IRL, by the way). If his poetry is the sound of settling, we’ll celebrate that whole catalogue.

But why, exactly is Des saying that this is her dream come true? “I was used to chasing and struggling in relationships. With Chris I feel like nothing could ever go wrong,” Des says. But that’s not to say she denies her feelings for Brooks on the show. “I was blind-sided. Brooks’s leaving gave me clarity. I had been falling in love with Chris.”

True that. Sometimes it takes a crush crushing your dreams to make you see that you were acting a fool. Just ask Des. “Feelings are very accelerated during this process,” she explains of her quick bounce back, “and that helped me get over the hurt... after [my  date with Brooks] in Antigua, my feelings were solidified.”

Lucky for her, Chris felt the same way, and she happily accepted his proposal in Antigua. Next up, Des is moving in with Chris in Seattle, and the two are on the road to planning a summer 2014 wedding.

Dang, and we’re usually stoked if our rebounds buy us breakfast... We’re kidding, of course, but we do wish Des and Chris all the happiness they can fit into a quatrain.

Source: People print edition