Did Gretchen Betray Alexis? Sneak Peek of Real Housewives of OC Season 8, Episode 16
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Did Gretchen Betray Alexis? Sneak Peek of Real Housewives of OC Season 8, Episode 16

After everything that’s gone down on the Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis Bellino’s finally managed to make amends with the other women — everyone except Gretchen Rossi, that is. The duo decide to talk it out in Season 8, Episode 16, but the conversation doesn’t go as Alexis planned.

“I thought we were so close. I thought that it was something that Tamra or nobody would touch,” Alexis says with hurt in her voice. “You weren’t the same [after becoming friends with Tamra]. You pulled away. You became mean. It’s been really hard. And I had nobody last year.”

As Alexis starts to shed tears at the table, all Gretchen can do is stare at her with a blank look in her eyes. “It’s all about her and her being hurt,” Gretchen says in her confessional. “I feel like she’s not giving me any reason to want to make amends and make this friendship work right now.”

Alexis goes on to say how loyal she’s been to Gretchen over the last few years, defending her when all the others didn’t want to be her friend. Now, she feels like Gretchen has stabbed her in the back.

“You questioned my true intentions and where my heart really was,” Gretchen explains. “And that devastated me, because as you said, you thought we were better friends. And I thought we were better friends too.”

Do you think Gretchen owes Alexis an apology for betraying her, or is Alexis the one that’s been in the wrong? Do these two have a chance at ever becoming friends again?

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