Did Gretchen Rossi Cheat on Her Fiancé? Tamra Barney Still Unsure
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Did Gretchen Rossi Cheat on Her Fiancé? Tamra Barney Still Unsure

A years-old debate was brought up on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 reunion. Gretchen Rossi is still hurt about things Tamra Barney said about Gretchen and her deceased fiancé, Jeff Beitzel.

The friendship between Tamra and Gretchen is currently strained. Tam blames “inconsistencies and some lies” that she’s heard from her former friend. For her part, Gretchen said she was disappointed that the rumors she’d cheated on Jeff were brought up again in the RHOC 100th episode.

Tamra was asked point blank what she’d seen happen between Gretchen and Jay Photoglou, the man she’s accused of seeing while Jeff was in the hospital. Though Gretchen and Jay were friends, she later sued him for defamation. According to Tamra, she spotted Gretchen sitting on Jay’s lap and kissed him at a hotel.

“I kissed him on New Year’s Eve, and there’s a picture of it,” Gretchen said, insisting it was just a kiss between friends. She denied kissing Jay at any other time.

Heather Dubrow asked Gretchen’s former bestie Alexis Bellino to weigh in. Alexis admitted she’d seen Gretchen hold hands and sit on Jay’s lap during a boating trip, but she couldn’t say whether it was anything beyond friendship.

“I’m like that with a lot of my guy friends,” Gretchen told the ladies at the reunion.

Though Tamra kept saying she wanted Gretchen to own what she did, Rossi said, “I’m not going to admit to something I didn’t do.”