Did Tamra Barney Have Plastic Surgery on Her Face? (VIDEO)
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Tamra Barney

Did Tamra Barney Have Plastic Surgery on Her Face? (VIDEO)

Watch What Happens Live is always interesting when The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney shows up — and this week’s episode was no exception. Host Andy Cohen began reading viewer questions, and asked, “No. 1 question coming in right now is: What all has Tamra Barney done to her face? Eyelift? Facelift? Her legs look great, though… Have you done something to your face?”

Tamra started shaking her head ‘no’ before Andy even finished asking the question. “Nothing,” she said, gesturing to her face. “Nothing. Zero.”

“I feel like I’m looking at some fillers,” Andy pressed, because he isn’t as afraid of Tamra as he should be.

“I haven’t!” Tamra insisted, squeezing her cheeks. “Can you even feel a filler? I mean… where would I? Come on.” Tamra then added, breaking into a giggle, “I’m honest.”

“Oh my god, you have!” Andy shrieked, playing off of Tamra’s constant fib-telling on the show. “You’ve got fillers!”

“I don’t lie!” Tamra laughed.

“You have some stuff in your cheek. You have new stuff in your cheek,” Andy insisted. “No?”

“Maybe just a little bit,” Tamra admitted.

Well, there you have it, folks. Tamra’s got a little something-something in her cheeks. Compared to some of the other Housewives, that’s basically like not having had any work done at all.

Do you think Tamra’s had more work done than she’s letting on? Does she need work? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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