Did Julianne Hough’s Comments Cause Christina Milian’s DWTS Season 17 Elimination?
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Did Julianne Hough’s Comments Cause Christina Milian’s DWTS Season 17 Elimination?

Talented stars being eliminated before their time isn't new for Dancing With the Stars (just ask Sabrina Bryan… twice), but Christina Milian's dismissal on Season 17, Week 5 is still causing a stir. Some fans are blaming former pro and Week 4 guest judge Julianne Hough for this shocking twist, and they are not happy.

Julianne returned to the ballroom last week as a guest judge, filling Len's seat so he could jet off to the U.K. to judge Strictly Come Dancing. While many fans liked her insightful comments, she did cause some drama when she commented that Mark sometimes hogs the spotlight from his stars. In general, her comments to Christina and Mark were less enthusiastic than many fans thought the pair deserved.

If you remember, thanks to the new voting system, Week 5’s elimination was determined by combining the fan votes from Week 4 with the judges' Week 5 scores. Was Julianne's opinion enough to turn viewers off of voting for Christina last week, despite her obvious talent?

Honestly, we're not convinced that Julianne, as popular as she is, has enough sway to single handedly cause Christina to lose. Sure, her negative words might have had a small impact on the fan vote, but the fact of the matter is that Christina topped the leaderboard on Week 5, and was still sent packing. That means she really wasn't pulling in the votes.

Our best guess is that Christina's biggest problem was her failure to connect with the audience. In a season full of talented dancers (looking at you, Corbin), deeply loveable personalities (who knew that Bill Engvall was the sweetest guy alive?), and some stars who combine both (*cough* Amber Riley *cough*), just getting the technique right isn't enough.

Do you think Julianne's comment helped sink Christina? Sound off in the comments below.

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