Did Chelsea Houska Just Buy Her First House? (PHOTO)
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Twitter    

Chelsea Houska

Did Chelsea Houska Just Buy Her First House? (PHOTO)

The time has come for Chelsea Houska to buy a house-ka (sorry, literally can't stop/won't stop punning). This Teen Mom 2 star has spent the past four years livin' it up with her daughter, Aubree, in a series of rental homes, but girlfriend has been searching for a place to put down roots. In fact, we've seen Chelsea have emotional crying jags on the show about her desire to settle down — especially after that deranged husky ate her french bulldog while they were living in that one hellish rental home...

Anyway, Chelsea's had ample opportunity to save up for her first house — not only does she bank checks from MTV thanks to her role on TM2, she had a lucrative job at a tanning salon, and currently works as an aesthetician in her hometown of Sioux Falls. So yeah, girlfriend is bringing home major bacon — it’s no wonder she’s ready for a mortgage!

While Chelsea hasn't 100 percent confirmed that she's purchased her first home, all the signs are there. Not only did her father, Papa Randilicious, take it to Twitter (with a house emoticon) and write "Big day for [Chelsea]," he also mused on what a pain it is to move her refrigerator. Meanwhile, Chelsea posted a simple photo of herself and Aubree sharing a kiss in front of a beautiful wood-frame house with the caption, "So blessed."

From what we can tell, Chelsea's house is absolutely adorable, and will be a perfect place for her and Aubree to make memories. Congratulations, you two!