Did Kree Harrison’s Sob Story Knock Angie Miller Out of the American Idol 2013 Finale?
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Did Kree Harrison’s Sob Story Knock Angie Miller Out of the American Idol 2013 Finale?

No one can never fully explain why someone so well liked and so talented like Angie Miller ends up going home on American Idol 2013. We all still remember Chris Daughtry-gate from season five, and before that, Nikki McKibbin making it all the way to the Top 3 on the first season of Idol while way more talented singers fell one by one.

Add in the power of social media, which barely even existed when Chris was on the show, and it makes you scratch your head even more. Actually, if it were up to Twitter, the American Idol 2013 finale would be between
Lazaro Arbos and Angie. G’ahead. That’s what “LOL” is made for, right?

Still, with Angie Miller having almost 100,000 more Twitter followers than Candice Glover and an even bigger margin over Kree Harrison, it does make you wonder just what happens when it comes to voting time. As an article on The Baltimore Sun points out, there’s a possibility that the Twitter followers aren’t voters, per se.

What’s even more disturbing, however, is the talk going around that the real reason Angie was eliminated before the American Idol finale is that her backstory wasn’t as emotional and moving as Kree or Candice’s.

Angie is a well-adjusted 19-year-old with a great family and preacher parents. They could honestly be Norman Rockwell’s muse. On the other hand, you’ve got Candice Glover, who grew up in a small town with a lot of siblings and not a lot of money, struggling her whole life to make it anywhere with her dreams. And no one could easily forget Kree Harrison’s tearjerking hometown visit, when we saw the childhood home where her parents, who are both deceased, raised Kree and her three siblings. If you had a dry eye, we have to wonder if your tear ducts actually work at all.

Still, when a reporter asked Angie Miller to comment on whether she thought Kree’s “sob story” may have been what caused the shocking twist on last Thursday’s results show, Angie refused to throw her roommate and great friend under the bus. Instead, she talked about how much she loved Kree, and how much both girls belong there.

As we head into the American Idol Season 12 finale, Candice has 93,777 Twitter followers while Kree has 86,669 (as of Tuesday) — a virtual photo finish when you think about it. And yet many bloggers and media outlets seem to have already named Candice as the next American Idol winner with an easy victory over country sweetheart Kree.

What do you think of the “sob story” phenomenon? Do you think Angie Miller might have lost out on making the finale because Kree and Candice had a more emotionally evocative backstory? Or are they just the better overall performers?