Did Kristen Stewart Get a New Dog?
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Did Kristen Stewart Get a New Dog?

Never mind Kristen Stewart calling an annoying paparazzo "f--k face" — we really just care about the new dog.

In the video TMZ posted of Kristen getting mad at a photog, she's carrying a little black dog. PopSugar also shared a photo of Kristen walking the same dog on Sunday in L.A.

Did she adopt a new friend?

Kristen and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson adopted dogs Bear and Bernie together, but HollywoodLife said back in May that Rob got custody of the dogs after the split. That may have just been temporary, though. A source added to HL that they were trying to work out a joint custody agreement. For a lot of people, pets are like children, so it would be nice to see them find a way to figure out visitation rights or whatnot. (Just like in a divorce! Sad.)

Watch the f-bomb video here for a glimpse of the dog and check out PopSugar’s photo to see him/her in action, along with KStew’s bra-flashing street fashion.

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