Did Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Break Up In Wake of Cheating Rumors?
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Jenelle Evans

Did Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Break Up In Wake of Cheating Rumors?

By now you've probably heard rumors that Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith cheated on Jenelle Evans. We know, shocking — not only are Jenelle and Nathan deeply in love, she happens to be seven months pregnant with his baby! According to a new report from OK! Magazine, Nathan has been cheating on Jenelle via phone calls, text messages, and steamy videos with a high school friend named Nayla Pica.

This gal spoke to OK! about her relationship with Nathan saying, "The more we spoke, the more he wanted to see me." Meanwhile, Nathan also spoke to OK!, saying that it was Nayla who pursued him. "I've talked about all of this with Jenelle and she's seen my text conversations with this girl," he explained.

It's hard to know what to believe, but for a while it seemed like Jenelle had Nathan's back. "I saw everything already…" she tweeted. "I don't get her point in continuously trying to prove...Wait prove what again?!" Jenelle also posted a picture of herself wearing a garter along with the caption, "Who's getting married next?" at 11:00 p.m. on April 7, which is slightly odd timing considering a tweet from Nathan less than an hour later. "It’s official! We are OVER!" he tweeted at 11:49 p.m. "Over the part that we give a f—k!"

Yikes, this doesn't look good. While Jenelle has yet to respond to Nathan's tweet (and he has yet to clarify what he means…), it looks like these lovebirds have definitely hit a rough patch. Hopefully, Nathan has moved on from texting other ladies behind Jenelle's back, and she'll find away to forgive him for emotionally cheating on her.

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Source: OK! Magazine