Did Neil Patrick Harris Use The N-Word at the Tony’s? Actor Sounds Off


Did Neil Patrick Harris Use The N-Word at the Tony’s? Actor Sounds Off

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the 2013 Tonys last night, and this morning — the actor woke up to a scandal. Multiple sites, including TMZ and the Daily Mail, are claiming that Neil used the N-word during the June 9 broadcast.

The actor quickly took to Twitter to blast the reports, writing, “Really, Daily Mail?!? The N-word? That’s your story?!? I would NEVER be so disrespectful and frankly, neither should you.

Neil maintains that the reports couldn’t be farther from the truth, so where did all this drama start in the first place? During the Tony’s gigantic Broadway-style opening performance, Neil sung and danced his way through a multitude of verses.

At one point, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson joined Neil on stage. “In tandem like we planned 'em, forgive me if it's random but Mike Tyson had a one man show let's give the man a hand,” Neil sang.

“'And make things bigger, like bigger, 'I'm here with Iron Mike Tyson he's a heavyweight yo.” Here’s where things start to become unclear. No one can tell for sure what Neil sings next, but both TMZ and the Daily Mail think the words are, “We're going bigger, is I his n***a”.

If you ask us, it sounds more like Neil sang, “We’re going bigger, tonight is bigger.” This line comes midway into a long (and choreography-heavy) performance, and Neil has been singing live the entire time. He's got to be a bit out of breath by this point. But watch the video for yourself to see what you think. Do you hear Neil drop the N-word... or is this just a case of people making something out of nothing?

06.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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