Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Latest Selfie With Blac Chyna?
Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    

Kim Kardashian

Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Latest Selfie With Blac Chyna?

Kim Kardashian just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to posting revealing selfies these days.

The reality star took to Instagram last night to show off her post-pregnancy weight loss alongside pal Blac Chyna and while Kim looks amazing in the pic, critics are already crying Photoshop.

In the photo, Kim is featured baring her stomach and backside and holding her iPhone next to a large mirror. Upon close examination, the door frame and floor tiles behind Kim appear to be curved and the lines along the reality star’s stomach are slightly blurry, pointing to the possible use of digital alteration.

“Can’t Kim Kardashian pay someone to photoshop her selfies less obviously?” one Twitter user complained.

“Kim Kardashian apparently has curved doors?” another user wrote. “#Photoshop?”

Kim has yet to respond to the latest claims but the new mom is no stranger to criticism surrounding the authenticity of her photos and videos. When critics complained that Kim’s appearance in fiance Kanye West’s video for “Bound 2” was less-than-accurate, Kim fought back by arguing that her new body is the result of a major diet and back-to-back days at the gym.

It was when fans accused the reality star of Photoshopping daughter North West’s photo, however, that Kim truly laid down the law. When critics accused Kim of either Photoshopping Nori’s eyebrows or waxing them for the photo, the reality star responded hastily.

“Do people really think I would wax my daughters eyebrows so young?” Kim joked on Twitter. “Come on, I’d wait until she’s at least 2 ½!”

Source: Yahoo!OMG!