Did Revenge’s Christa Allen Just Reveal That Victoria Grayson’s Back in Season 2?
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Did Revenge’s Christa Allen Just Reveal That Victoria Grayson’s Back in Season 2?

Madeleine Stowe’s Revenge character, Victoria Grayson, is fabulous, flawless, and currently missing. In the explosive Season 1 finale, we watched as the Hamptons queen boarded a plane fueled by one pissed off White-Haired Man.

Though we originally burst into Charlotte Grayson-style tears when the reporter announced that the Ice Queen was a goner, it took us a total of one fantastic Florence + the Machine song to realize that they’d never kill off such a phenomenal dresser.

And though we’ve had our share of Revenge cast members teasing us on the whereabouts of Ms. Stowe, there’s been no concrete evidence of her on the set, until now.

On Friday, actress Christa Allen, who plays Victoria’s daughter Charlotte, tweeted:

Naturally, fans went wild, immediately connecting Christa’s comment to Madeleine being on the Season 2 set. So can we expect a surplus of bandage dresses hitting the Hamptons this summer?

Christa quickly attempted to squash the rumors tweeting:

Madeleine Stowe’s 54th birthday was on Aug. 18, but if Christa knows what Mama Grayson got for her birthday, wouldn’t that mean that the two were nearby on the big day?

It’s not like we’re completely reading into this, but wait ... actually, we are.

What do you think? Do Christa’s tweets mean that Madeleine’s back on set? Tell us what you think below!

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