Did Rino Really Cheat With Teresa’s Mother?! He Denies It
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did Rino Really Cheat With Teresa’s Mother?! He Denies It

We know that The Real Housewives of New Jersey will always have an element of gossip in the mix, but on last night's episode of Season 6, things went to a whole new level when Victoria Gotti dropped by the show long enough to claim that Rino Aprea told her that he once cheated on Teresa Aprea with Teresa’s mom. Ew.

Honestly, we know we're supposed to be all shocked and intrigued by this gossip, but we kinda wish we'd never heard it. If it's true, it's laundry so dirty that it shouldn't be aired, even on reality TV. And if it's not — well, that's the kind of lie no one should tell. So, is Rino denying it?

Duh, of course he is. The restaurateur and Housewives hubby took to Twitter with the following message: "This is a salacious story that has been manufactured to cause hurt to my family. I will not play into this! My wife and son are my life!" Sure, he didn't straight up say "I did not sleep with Santa," but saying the story is manufactured implies it's not true.

While Teresa hasn't tweeted directly about Victoria's claims, she did retweet a number of fans who tweeted about ignoring the lies and keeping her head up. We're guessing she'll address the rumor more directly once her Bravo blog goes up.

Speaking of the Bravo blogs, Nicole's is up already, and she didn't say much, but she did defend her fam, writing, "When it comes to that hideous conversation that took place with Teresa Giudice, Amber, and that blonde (who really must cut those hair extensions, because she looks like Grandma Strega from a bad porn movie)... In Italian households you can talk about many people and things, but a mother? That's one thing that's off limits. All I have to say is Karma’s a bitch!"

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