Did Bachelorette Season 5’s Michael Stagliano Get Married Already?
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Did Bachelorette Season 5’s Michael Stagliano Get Married Already?

Michael Stagliano, the man who once wooed Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette, has been engaged to fianceé Emily Tuchscherer for what feels like for-evah now. Are the two gonna tie the knot any time soon? Uh, it turns out maybe they already have...

Emily recently tweeted out a message calling Michael her “handsome hubby.” Did those lovebirds go and get hitched and not send us a messenger pigeon to let us know? Because that would be rude. Back in October, when they shared photos from their engagement party, Michael said the pair would get married Memorial Day of 2014, but Em’s tweet is the first word we’ve gotten on the nuptials in awhile. Either Stags and his lady love tied the knot early or Emily is just practicing pronouncing Mrs. Stagliano (hint, Em, it’s easier than Tush-sher-shersh).

We don’t think the crazy kids followed in the footsteps of fellow Bachelor Nation alum Renee Oteri, who eloped, because we’re pretty sure we would have seen some photographic evidence by now (The Stags does love him some camera time). Plus, on the same day Em tweeted her gasp-inducing comment, Michael posted a photo of the couple wearing anything but wedding gear and captioned it “date night”. One of his Twitter buddies commented, “big day coming up,” followed by the happiest of happy faces.

Sounds like Emily just forgot what “hubby” means and that the big day is still in the future. Whew. That means we still have time to figure out where it’s gonna be, crash the dance floor, and get ourselves some free champagne and cake.

What do you think, is it time for these guys to say their I do's already?

Sources:Emily Tuchscherer on Twitter, Michael Stagliano on Twitter

05.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel Evans
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