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Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Record New Duet Together? (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber thinks Selena Gomez is the "most elegant princess in the world" — but she might be his most elegant collaborator, too! During their sneaky-sneaky reunion weekend in McAllen, Texas, the pair might've done more than rehearse dance moves and kiss on each other. According to unconfirmed fan reports, they may have recorded a duet.

If the reports by fans are true, the pair were working on co-writing a song for the two of them called "Unfamiliar"! A lucky few fans claim to have gotten the scoop directly from the Biebs, and shared their story on Twitter. One such fan, @GiselleEmos (who is now followed by Justin!), says that "Justin legit asked us 'do you wanna listen to a song that I wrote with Selena.'" Naturally, the she and the rest of her fan-posse tweeted all the deets.

Giselle says it's "a slow song, so I guess romantic," and that one of the lines "goes something like, 'don't you ever wish you said what you wanna say, or would you take it for granted.'"

She adds that Justin is "100x hotter in person."

We're not sure if this song will ever hit the ears of the public (and neither camp has confirmed that it actually exists), but the whole encounter sounds pretty adorable.

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